Dokki Clinic

This is the main clinic of Dr. Alaa Meshref. It serves as a Urology and prostate clinic as well.

Central Location

It is situated at Dokki square very near to the Dokki Metro Station. The building is known as the Administrative Dokki Tower. One landmark is the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) in the ground floor.

Medical Services

  • General urology consultations
  • High-end ultrasound machine
    • Renal ultrasound
    • Urinary bladder ultrasound
    • Estimation of post-graduate residual urine
    • Testicular ultrasound
    • Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate | TRUS
    • TRUS-guided prostate biopsies with local anesthesia
  • Uroflowmetry machine
  • Urethral dilation with local anesthesia
  • Urinary catheter fixation
  • Subcutaneous hormonal treatment injections for prostate cancer

Prostate Clinic Facilities

The Dokki Clinic is fully equipped to handle full prostate checkups for visitors.

  • The high-end ultrasound machine helps in assessing the prostate through supra public ultrasound and transrectal ultrasound.
  • Estimation of residual urine after micturition by supra public ultrasound
  • Detailed imaging of the prostate by transrectal ultrasound (TRUS).
  • The TRUS probe is a tri-plane probe which facilitates taking prostatic biopsies in different angles.
  • Dr. Alaa Meshref has performed over than 23000 TRUS examinations and TRUS-GUIDED prostate biopsies during his career. He is the most experienced doctor in Egypt offering this service.
  • A uroflowmetry helps in measuring the rate of flow of urine for prostate patients.
  • A lab next door (Tiba Lab) offers rapid results on request and thus helps to know the PSA level of prostatic patients. PSA is the tumor marker for the prostate.


98 El Tahrir St Dokki
6th floor
Giza, Cairo 12311
Phone: +20233369121
Secondary phone: +20237606403
Fax: +20223520120

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